Sunday, August 12, 2007


Chris is back *people scream, faint etc.*

Back and mad. Not mad…perhaps more like determined. I have declared war on VH1. And I think now is the time for every Foot Soldier to do their duty.

There are Switchfoot fans, and then there are Foot Soldiers. Switchfoot fans listen to Switchfoot on their ipods and hum along. Foot Soldiers do their duty to their band.

What is your duty? That isn’t for me to say, I’m sure many of you have goals that you try to meet when it comes to voting and such, but let me make a suggestion:

EVERY Switchfoot fan and Foot Soldier should to vote for at least 5 minutes on VH1. That’s 10 votes a day, everyday, from now till heck knows when. Do this, and then tell others to do it. It is simple but very powerful. Just five minutes a day, and giving some guilt to your friends. Tell them their duty, hold

them to their duty, and make sure you do your duty. There is no excuse to do less.

Link to vote:

IMPORTINAT: You must vote for two videos for your vote to count


Relevant: #1

Fuse: #1

Christian Hit Radio: #3

TVU: #5


1 comment:

Job said...

RAWR!!! FOotsoldiers! What is your profession?!

HOOHAHH!!!! haha. 300-style... n/e ways, i like the idea. I vote more than ten times a day tho... haha. I'm thinking Awakening will be added this week, but keep checking videostatic.