Saturday, August 4, 2007

No Countdown this Week... But the show must go on!

Well friends, we have not made the countdown this week, which actually (in a weird way) is not surprising. We voted our hearts out, and had little to show for it (except maybe tired fingers).

BUT, we definitely made some ground. We showed the VH1 vote-counters that we are here to stay, and we wont stop until Switchfoot is back on their channel!

So with that, who's with us for next week?? Are you willing to go it again and vote 100+ times a day for Switchfoot? If you are, give a little comment love!


Awakening Month is over, and I think personally, that it was a success. Although we haven't gotten on the countdown or achieved radio hit status yet, we did keep "Awakening" at No. 1 on the Guilty Pleasures Chart on FUSE TV!

Also, we have kept "Awakening" at No. 1 on RELEVANT TV's Top 10 chart and revived the all-time chart status of "Awakening" on Youtube! We are back on the All-Time Most Linked list! Well done fellow Footsoldiers!


I thought this live video of "Awakening" was way cool. Jon showing up out of nowhere to sing the "AHHAHHH AHHH AHHH" part?!? Priceless. Amazing. Inspiring. So peace out! Thanks for voting and supporting out guys!


nat said...

oh well...hopefully next week we'll get somewhere, I'm not giving up after spending like, 6 hours voting last week.

(I said it in a comment on the previous post but)I'm in for next week.

Lena said...

I'm so in for next week. And thanks for putting so much into Awakening Month! It was a massive success.

Susy said...

Hey Job!

'Awakening Month' is over. It's kind of bittersweet! And I have very tired fingers. lol... It was totally worth it though.

Well I also already let you know on another post that I'm in but I'll say it again.

I'M SO IN!!!

I won't rest until we get this video on that countdown.

Chris said...

Hey i can do 100 next week...and i could list excuses why but yeah. 100 is all i can do

Lindsey said...

i'll vote again!!!

JSKIN said...

I'm gonna vote as many times as I can this week. Sign me up.

Job said...

I'll try voting this week, but I'll be busy... and I'll be gone again next week.