Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No. 1!!!

We're No. 1 on popular Christian contemporary station Air 1! Yeah boy!

Air 1 Chart for the week of August 25, 2007 Congrats to Switchfoot!


In other news, Head Over Heels (In This Life) is the next single, according to this thread.

It has not yet been confirmed, and I'm thinking from this list that its slated for Christian radio release, but we'll keep an eye on this developing story.

As for Awakening, keep voting! I know it's difficult considering the little success so far, but I'm led to believe that Switchfoot fans are the greatest around. Lets show it! Onward Footsoldiers!


jskin said...

I've been rating Awakening 5/5 on their website for a few weeks! My fav. station!!!

Job said...

thats cool! How do you rate songs? I listen online too

jskin said...

go to their website, and sign up fot their survey, where they will mail you a survey to vote for the best songs. They won't tell you who the artist is, but they will tell you the name of the songs they want you to rate. So give Awakening a 5/5 (you'll be able to listen to it!) and then you get to leave comments like, 'what song makes you sing out loud, etc. So just sign up and ask them to play Awakening more!!!!

Job said...

oh yeah. i've been doing that.