Monday, August 20, 2007

Hey peeps!

As we all know, Myspace is a place to catch up with all our peeps! So, we have updated our "peepspace" with a brand-spankin' new layout. Thanks to Justin, we have a beautiful layout, with a stunning background, which embodies the emotional aspect of "Awakening."

Check us out and add us if you haven't already.


The voting has been amazing! Thanks Chris for sparking enthusiasm once again! Everywhere on the Vh1 boards, there's some kinda post for Switchfoot or Awakening. That, my friends, is called commitment. Lets keep commenting on those boards, and keep Switchfoot near the top of the Vh1 Forums!

I think Switchfoot has some of the best fans in the world, and the guys "expect a lot from you guys..." (Jon Foreman). Well, lets not disappoint! In the wake of Label Independence, let's become Switchfoot's record label! Thanks for all your hard work!


And here's a video of "Awakening" with some added effects. I thought it was pretty cool!


Chris said...

Job! Yeah i am excited now. I just had an idea hit me in the head as i was voting...tell me what u think:

Nickleback got on the countdown by wildcard...right? yeah so i remember seeing that the NB fans got votes by telling everyone to vote for rock, and to bring rock back to the countdown. I say we start a thread addressed to the NB fans telling them there are a bunch of Switchfoot fans that will vote NB up the chart, if they will start wildcarding switchfoot.

At least a thread addressed to NB fans may get some attention to the cause. IDK. What do u think?

Job said...

Hey man, that sounds great!

Ill start a thread later on today if you haven't already...

Chris said...

yeah idk how to start a yeah. i'll just need a link once you have :)

hopfully the title will get lots of ppls attention...what that title will b idk yet lol yep