Thursday, August 9, 2007

A little Q+A and a tribute to the late Dobro...

"does the vote have to be in the two spot or just anywhere else as long as there is two " - Anonymous (in regards to Vh1 voting)

According to the Fray's bulletin posted on Tuesday, we should put our second vote in the No. 2 slot. I have been, just to be safe you know? And if you want, vote for one of the poor little ice cube artists, so they could get a little exposure too. (just as long as Switchfoot is in the No. 1 spot... ;))

"Are we going to get to sign it eventually, or wait until it gets on Vh1" - jskin (in regards to the petition proposal)

We're gonna hold off on that for now. Phil reminded us in a lengthy post on the message boards that the guys wanted the fans to be an integral part of spreading "Awakening." Now we don't know whether the label is snubbing Switchfoot (heaven forbid), but we also don't know whether Switchfoot asked them to hold off, and see what the fans can do....

Well, thats you and me! So lets show the label (and the rest of the music world) just what kind of switchfams we are! Onward fellow footsoldiers!

Oh, and who likes the idea of another 100 4 SF campaign in the near future?


Quick tip: I found a way to vote multiple times on FUSE Tv all at once. Here's what you do: Copy and paste the url of the voting ballot into as many tabs/windows as you want. Do not vote on any of them until you have reached a satisfactory amount of tabs/windows. Now go into each window and vote! I was able to get like 50 votes on FUSE all at once! Now we may not need to vote that much (since we're still No. 1), but it'd be great if we fall in the countdown, or if you feel like overflooding the FUSE polls. Have fun! And keep voting on VH1.


Andy Barron's latest Daily Foot entry had a few nice pictures. We would like to send our condolences to Jon's family of guitars regarding the recent death of their brother, the late Dirty Second Hands Dobro guitar. May you forever rest in pieces... I mean peace!

And pictures like these never cease to inspire me...

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