Friday, August 3, 2007

Last DAY!

Last day to flood the polls! If you've voted hard this week, vote twice as hard!!! Or something like that... haha. Cheesiness aside (is that even a word?), the results from VH1 should be in later tonight. I'll keep you posted!

And we have four new members on the list (they've been voting all week... i just haven't gotten a chance to add them).

1. Chris
2. Nat
3. Lydia
4. Melody
5. Susy
6. Andrew
7. Vrexico
8. popa_razzi
9. hope2lose!myself4good
10. LOLgirl4!Switchfoot
11. Primoblu
12. Reg
13. Kitty
14. Lena
15. Job
16. Jay
17. A!M_HeArTs_S!F/amy
18. golden smile
19. shooting_star
20. megan
21. rinni
22. Katie
23. Michael
24. Nikki
25. X3beccamariex
26. Cool J
27. Lindsey
28. Abby
29. Keith (from toronto)
30. Ryan Meade
31. W0nderW0manNA (NEW!)
32. Janna (NEW!)
33. arus251 (NEW!)
34. Joseph (NEW!)

Are you all willing to do this again next week??


Joan said...

I've been voting in my spare time...not quite 100 but every vote counts, right? ;)

Susy said...

I love how we all came together this week. I love how Switchfoot has brought so many to unite for one cause. Even if we don't make it onto the countdown, I'm really glad SF decided not to get the label's support.

You know you can count with me for next week as well!


Libni said...

if you do it nest week i'm on!

there's something wrong with VH1... the Submit button is gone...


nat said...

I'll do it next week I assessments to study for next week so I can vote even a little more :D

Most of you guys are on holidays (if you're still at school) aren't you?

Anonymous said...

soo... i tried to vote a couple of times but I can't find the submit button anywhere on the site.

Lisa said...

i'll do what i can!