Thursday, August 9, 2007

Today's Post (pt. 2)

Hi! It's me again. Normally, I don't like double-posting in one day, but I thought I'd lay out a few "guidelines" and stuff. Call it a VH1 timeline for "Awakening."

VH1 Timeline:

1. Get the video on the tv channel through incessant flooding of the polls. It's encouraging to me to find out that all along, the reason "Awakening hasn't been added is because we haven't been voting right, and not because the channel simply refuses to add "Awakening." Now, armed with our new-found knowledge, the Footsoldiers can go to work! Now, don't expect it to automatically reach the countdown. Our goal is to get the video on the channel first, and then worry about the countdown.

2. Top 20. Once we get it on the channel, then we can worry about the countdown. Vote for Awakening until it reaches No. 1!

3. Spills over into MTV, Vh1's sister station. Yes, MTV. I think you've heard of them. I believe that Awakening is a good enough song that if we take Vh1 by storm, it will crossover into MTV.

4. TV = Radio. That's the formula for success that Tim has given us. If we get it all over tv, the radio will inevitably follow suit and play the song.

I guess the main thing I want to stress is to not be discouraged. We've been disappointed, but we have to keep our heads up. I believe we're the verge of breakthrough, now that we know how to effectively vote on Vh1. Keep it up fellow footsoldiers!


According to Wikipedia article on Switchfoot, the new record should be releasing soon. After all, Jon let the cat out of the bag... "yes yes ya'll - the new SF record is underway"

"According to FMQB, a spring 2008 release date is likely."
Considering it's Switchfoot, I kinda believe that report.

We're running out of time for "Awakening" people! Vote like there's no tommorrow!


One more thing, I'm asking the lurkers to de-lurk! What is a lurker? "someone who visits the site but is too shy or lazy to comment, or you've just had nothing to say." (see source) I kindly invite all the lurkers to come out of the shadows (switchfeed-style) and start talkin' (i.e. commenting, chatboarding, etc.) That was the idea when this blog started... because of the camaraderie that comes from people uniting for a purpose... and talking while they're at it! We know our purpose, don't we? I mean, not our life's purpose... just our temporary purpose... But I ramble... Oh, and make sure you spread the word about this little blog to anyone you know who loves Switchfoot too! The more the merrier!


With that, I end prolly the longest post in We're Awakening history. I hope my happy little words of encouragement light your day/night. It'll be cool once "Awakening" hits all the radio stations everywhere, dontcha think?
Peace out, and happy voting!!

P.S. And ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to welcome back Chris, who will be posting again next week. I think he's done a great job supporting "Awakening," and his enthusiasm is addicting. Applause applause! Don't forget to de-lurk! haha. Alright, I'm officially out. Peace!

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