Friday, August 24, 2007

Nickleback + Switchfoot?

Hey Guys, I am posting today but then I will be gone all next week as will be Job.

Things are going great. Voting on Vh1 seems steady, as does are wonderful chatting at:

The charts seems to be holding steady. And Fuse was updated again with SF still at #1!

Fuse: #1

Christian Hit Radio: #3

TVU: #5

Me and Job do have another little idea to try as far as VH1 goes though. Nickleback fans have been able to put “Rockstar” on the countdown by wildcarding. I am going to start a thread that asks Nickleback fans to wildcard Switchfoot “Awakening”. In return I will promise that Switchfoot fans will vote for Nickleback. Your part in all this is to go here:

And say that you are a Switchfoot fan and that you agree.

1 comment:

Job said...

actually Chris, I've thought it over, and Rockstar goes against some of my personal beliefs lyrically. I prolly wont vote for it. sorry... hehe