Friday, April 11, 2008

Charts EP, Tour News, AND the "This Is Home" Video Shoot

Here is a better version of Instead of a Show.

oh, and

Southbound Train

TO view the rest of the videos being uploaded currently from that after-show, go here


Jon Foreman Charts News!

The Spring EP has made a couple of Billboard charts!

No. 14 Top Digital

No. 179 Top Comprehensive Albums


------------------------------------------------------- spotlighted Jon's EP's. They seem rather fond of Mr. Foreman's solo work:

Performing Songwriter praised Jon's "personal affinity for Dylan" and said "[his] weathered voice is a perfect tool for these melancholy tales." HM Magazine proclaimed him "a man for all seasons" as well as a "talented wordsmith."

Read the full article.


Now for the daily Switchfoot Tour news feed!

First off, the in Cedar Rapids interviewed Chad Butler, and he had some great things to say:

"Once we started getting big, we suddenly found ourselves playing for more people and selling more records than our heroes," Butler says. "But it still feels like we're just getting started, since there's so many places we haven't been and so many things we want to accomplish artistically."

Switchfoot's next artistic statement should be coming soon, with a new album expected later this year or early next year. Butler says he isn't sure exactly what sort of direction Switchfoot will take with its new material.

"We're always evolving and wanting to stretch ourselves, and all of us have been listening to a lot of exciting new music, so we'll see where it takes us," Butler says.

For the band's reaction to being Ryan Sheckler's theme song, among other things, go here.

Next,Tim Foreman shares why touring with Athlete is so enjoyable, among other topics:

“We toured with Athlete about two and half years ago. They’re a great bunch of guys,” said Foreman. “It’s different to tour with a band from Europe, but feels good. They sound different and talk different. We enjoy having enlightened conversations with the guys from across the pond.”

See the rest here.

Thirdly,a Calvin College online paper chronicled the loud, raucous combination that was Emery and Switchfoot.

Despite the lull in energy, the entire FAC, brimming with enthusiasm, rose to its feet for Switchfoot’s dramatic entrance. Completely dark, Switchfoot calmly took the stage as Jon Foreman, the frontman, began with a slow keys-only rendition of “The Shadow Proves the Sunshine,” which grew in amplitude until it transformed into the high-octane rock thriller “Stars.”

Switchfoot fulfilled all the high expectations of a successful rock group. The sound was loud and crisp, the lights were spot on and Foreman leapt off of the bass drum. Not satisfied to just meet the standard, Switchfoot pushed the envelope.

Read more about the craziness of Switchfoot here.

And lastly, Live from Shift Podcast interviewed Drew Shirley and Jerome Fontamillas.

Here is the link.

The ending is rather touching...


New Daily Foot Entry:
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Word is, Tim has a new song idea! And Jon is, ahem, taking up Organ....


And two little tid-bits to leave you all with for the weekend...:

gravyty from the boards had this to say about one of the four songs sent to Disney for consideration, which will now be on the Summer EP:

Which Jon said is called Deep In Your Eyes (if I remember correctly) and he also said that it's the best song of the 4 he offered them. Apparently Disney doesn't have the best taste. lol.


And, last but certainly not least,
Luke from the boards says:

"Saw the guys play through it twice during soundcheck before the Indy show. The word is they're flying out to Los Angeles on Sunday to film the video for "This is Home." holler."



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