Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tour Updates, videos, anniversaries...

First off, some videos (thanks LOBH for some of em.)

Oh! Gravity. (with Meant to Live Intro)

DARE YOU TO MOVE (looks like Jon's using a new guitar...)

In My Arms (At a Switchfoot show?! nice) And "would you be terribly dissapointed if we did more than one?" Nice.


Also, To Write Love On Her Arms has a myspace album of Up In Arms Tour Photos.

Here are some nice ones:




In random news, "Meant to Live" the No. 37 best-selling song on the iTunes Top Alternative songs chart. Check it. That's pretty sweet!


March 30 was the second anniversary for TWLOHA. On this date two years ago, Jon donned a TWLOHA shirt, the first time anyone shared a stage with with TWLOHA, and from there, a movement began. Two years later, Switchfoot is on tour with that same organization. Props to Jamie T and the rest of the great people working with the band for this tour!

March 31 also marks the second anniversary of our favorite tv show, the Official Switchfoot Podcast! Go here to re-live the memories of two great years with Switchfoot on the road, in the studio, and one MASSIVE music video... hehe...

To commemorate, here's the first ever podcast!

AND, if you're new around, you can subscribe and download every single episode on itunes right here!

Thanks Andy Barron and Switchfoot for all the laughs and awesomeness. Here's to many more years of great music!

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