Monday, April 7, 2008

Rumors, Fiction Family, and heck, a New Song!

Rumor is that Switchfoot will be touring a bit in the Fall with popular Christian rock band Third Day. In a JFH news story, here's what was found:

"The 13-song album’s first single, the aching love song “Call My Name,” releases to Christian radio on April 4, and sets the stage for the album’s release on July 29, followed by a summer of festival appearances and an ambitious fall tour schedule together with Switchfoot and Robert Randolph & The Family Band."

I have to admit I am NOT thrilled with this, if it is true. Switchfoot has made great strides in the years to shed the CCM label, but touring with Third Day is like an invitation to again be boxed into the "Christian Rock" genre they have striven to stay out of.

Of course, this hasn't been confirmed by the band yet, so we will see. It would be interesting to note that Switchfoot's first tour was with Third Day, back in the Legend of Chin days... We shall see.


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Covington, Kentucky


Our friend Jeanna from over on LOBH has some news after the show she was at last night.

First, she has news about The Real SeanJon/Fiction Family:

"I asked Jon about The Real SeanJon and got the answer straight from the horses mouth. They ARE going to be Fiction Family. The album might be called Betrayal or it might be self-titled. Jon’s not sure yet. But yes, say goodbye to TRSJ and hello to Fiction Family!" (Board Post)

Next, she recorded Jon Foreman playing a new song that will be on Summer, called "Instead of a Show." Here 'tis:

Thanks Jeanna!


Andrew said...

I don't like that tour thing, because Switchfoot would probably be the opener and have a shorter set. Also, I believe Thrid Day plays a lot of arenas.

Jim said...

I think Switchfoot initially wanted to push away from being "labeled" as CCM because it restricted their audience as a band. So to say they shouldn't play with Third Day is to try and do the same thing. I think they should be able to tour with whomever they want to without people trying to box them out of it.

Job said...

@Andrew, that's what I was thinking.

@Jim, I agree with you. The only thing is, Switchfoot's been boxed into CCM for sooo long, it'd be nice to put a little distance from that industry. But hey, the guys can do what they want. And just a note, the tour has been announced:

Jim said...

Right on. Thanks for the link!