Saturday, April 5, 2008

News From the Front!

Just another reason why Switchfoot fans = great community: Emily, Luke, and gravyty from the official message boards have some great news to give us, straight from the guys.

"i don't know if this has been answered yet, i don't have time to sift through 5 pages, but, Jerome told me the other night that the song for Narnia, "This Is Home" is a Switchfoot song and that they may be performing it at the Dove Awards" -Emily(Board Post)

UPDATE! (April 5, 2008, 5:55 pm)
"Jon gave Disney 4 possible songs, they picked the one they wanted (This is Home) and that is now going to be a Switchfoot song, probably played over the credits, and probably intended for radio play. One of the other 3 songs that did not get picked will be on Summer." - gravyty
(Board Post)

(about writing for Narnia) "Jon was talking about the process last night, he said he gave them about 4 songs." - Luke (Board Post)

"SPOILER below

So I spoke with Jon Thursday night in Myrtle Beach about the Summer EP.
He was actually busy for 2 hours recording it on wednesday night after a show I went to. Anyways we asked about what type of paper he's putting it on and he said he hasn't decided yet. I mentioned green and my sister said blue, and he sounded positive about those (I mean how many other colors are there for summer? haha. also that would match his color scheme...) so maybe he'll choose one of those. He also was happy to say the tree is drawn and full of leaves! I can't wait to see it.
And Andy Barron says Summer sounds great... yesss." - Emily (Board Post)

This is all getting me amped!! Again, thanks for the news friends!


Ever wanted to see how Switchfoot would look on an iphone? Look no further


Jeff from posted some points about the show he went to last Thursday:

Here’s my thoughts on the show.

* I’m getting old and the idea of standing in one place for any amount of time is painful. Next time I got to the House of Blues I’m paying extra to sit in a pew up stairs.
* I definitely thought a girl was going to faint when Jon touched her hand.
* Athlete didn’t have their drummer and still rocked!
* I want a keyboard player in a bad way at lifepoint.
* The lead guy of Athlete busted out a few songs by himself on his jaguar. Wow!
* Switchfoot brought the energy.
* I feel that Switchfoots songs carry quite a bit of substance.
* I was unfamiliar with much of their newer songs.
* I bought the Athlete cd. very nice.
* I so wish I was from London and had an accent.

haha. Fainting fangirls... ~shakes head~


Andy Barron posted new Daily Foot Entries!

Aiken, South Carolina (No, not Clay)

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


And, the guys are trying out a new intro for this tour, like Andy said in the Daily Foot entries. Check it out here:



As you may have noticed, we're running a new sidebar feature called... well... the "Featured Video." So we're thinking it'll be a weekly thing. If you have a video that you would like to see featured on the sidebar, please send it in via email ( or Myspace. This week, we have a half-time performance of "Dare You to Move" in the 2004 Major League Soccer Cup. Ahh, the good ol' days.

That's it for this longgg, weekend edition of updates. Peace out!


Andrew said...

Yeah, For the Myrtle Beach daily foot I saw Jon playing the keys by himself, and now I know what that is for. Thanks for answering the question I never asked.

Job said...

ur welcome! ^_^

I updated the post, btw.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Emily Makar said...

oh that's me! i haven't visited this in a while... i guess i will more often. i like!

Job said...

well, welcome back Emily! =)