Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"making the song what it was meant to be..."

The Daily Iowan did an interview with Jerome Fontamillas. Romey talks candidly about the band's messages in their songs.

"When we talk about writing a song, we don't talk about putting it into a certain genre," Fontamillas said. "Whatever the song is going toward, we put all our efforts into making the song what it was meant to be. We're going to let it grow and speak for itself."…

And like all successful acts, Switchfoot loves to tour, and not necessarily with bands that fit the same style or tone of music. The UK's Athlete has shared the stage with it for the past few months.

"It's definitely one of the more interesting packages we've had in a while," said Shannon Boshart, the SCOPE director. "Both of the bands are in very different points in their careers. Switchfoot has had the success of double-platinum records and has the fan base, and Athlete is just coming out."

After 2003's wildly successful album, The Beautiful Letdown, along with gold-plated albums, Nothing Is Sound and Learning To Breathe, Fontamillas said the group members realize their achievements and are now reassessing who they are as musicians and instruments of God.

"As far as us writing a Christian song or a rock song, it doesn't matter," he said. "These songs are who we are."

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Lariat news posted this little blurb about Jon Foreman's songwriting:

The work of Jon Forman has stood the test of time. Remaining popular since his band Switchfoot formed in the 90s, with six albums underhis belt and a hit song in the film "A Walk to Remember," one would think he's pretty established. Well, that is not the case.

Now that Switchfoot has officially declared themselves as an independent band, Foreman has siezed the opportunity to release some of his own work. Foreman has been releasing EP's over the past year titled after the seasons.

These EP's have taken a break from Switchfoot's hard alternative rock and rest on a more acoustic, indie/folk foundation. "Fall" and "Winter" give melancholy tunes that set the mood for the seasons while "Spring" brings songs that bud and bloom into beautiful masterpieces.

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Tour resumes today!

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