Monday, April 28, 2008

Wait... for... it...

First off on the plate for this fine Monday afternoon/evening, we have a Reaters article about the Music Builds Tour.

"Hopefully the church and people who listen to Christian music are going to be big supporters of the tour," says Third Day frontman Mac Powell.

"But I think because of the lineup, it's going to be a little bit more friendly to people outside of the church as well. It's not going to be a normal Christian music festival."


I really don't know what to think about this tour, quite frankly. It's a great cause and all, and I'm sure the bands involved are all made up of great guys, but i just don't feel excited about this festival tour. That's just me though. Don't let it bring you down... hehe


Next up, we have a interview video clip that Jon Foreman did with Sprit 102.3 Tulsa.


In some Jon solo news, I submitted a review of the "Spring Ep" to, and it got published today! I had no idea it would be good enough... So if you're interested, please go comment it--I'd be greatly appreciative!



And for a quick blurb/news item/update (I'm not sure what to call it), awakeningourdreams from the official message boards posted a nice little bit of info:

My uncle who works at a mainstream station here, 95.5 said they already have This is Home added for their upcoming playlist , they are just "waiting" probably because Disney is holding off to release the single closer to the movie opening.

Well, then, not only does his uncle rock the house, this means that "This Is Home" is getting some attention on mainstream radio. This could be really good. We'll just have to wait... for... it...

As far as charts go, "This Is Home" still has one spin on that lone Hot AC station that played it last Friday.

Also, no stations on the Christian radio have played it yet either, which probably lends to the theory that Disney is holding off on a mass release until closer to movie release time, or until there's an actual digital single of the song to download on iTunes.


And lastly new Daily Foot Entries:

Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Troy, Alabama


Chris said...

yeah no christian plays on mediabase but it was added by a Christian rock station according to R&R

hey man...still read your blog all the time--keep up the great work!

Job said...

THanks Chris! I was wondering where you went, buddy! ^^