Wednesday, April 9, 2008

GMA Awards Poll, Interviews, and More!

Here's your chance to dust off your voting skills! Jon Foreman is up for a poll as the Male Artist of the Year at the 39th Annual Dove awards. As of right now, Jon is at 40%. We are only allowed to vote once.Even though it's been confirmed this poll is meaningless, I'm sure it would turn the heads of some voters should Jon win.

Click here to vote!

Also, Playingforkeeps! on the official message boards pointed out that iTunes has spotlighted Jon's 3 ep's so far, on the Christian & Gospel page of itunes.

Here's a screen cap:


swilsonw (also from the official message boards) found a link to a radio interview with Jon Foreman when they were in the Chicagoland/somewhere-in-Illinois area. Jon talks about his ep's and the new album. Thanks for this!



yet another boardie, switchfeetnow2 had this to report about Fiction Family and the studio:

"he (Jon Foreman) told me FF is looking like fall. they wanted it in spring, but no-go. and the studio should be done at the end of tour he said."

(Bord Post)

Methinks Sean and Jon have to work out a few kinks with Starbucks, is why the record is being delayed for so long. Nonetheless, we're excited! thanks switchfeedtnow2, and everyone on the boards who have been contributing so far!


Andrew said...

About the GMA's, Oh! Gravity is up for Rock/Contempory album of the year. And Awakening is up for Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year and short form music video.

Job said...

yup! I hope they win them all!

and of course Jon too!

Anonymous said...

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