Thursday, April 24, 2008

Recapping Switchfoot's Night at the Dove Awards

EDIT (7:53 pm PST): Here's a video of the guys after the show (thanks Jay from the message boards):

So, the lights are dimmed now at the Grand Ole Opry, and the last of the press is probably gone too. The 39th GMA Dove Awards are in the books, and Switchfoot/Jon Foreman came away empty-handed.

After initial anger at the sheer stupidity and utter retardedness of Switchfoot getting robbed, reason began to take over. I really think this is a blessing in disguise. In my mind, the Dove Awards have lost all credibility over the years, the same way the entire CCM market has gone down the drain in the face of uninspired music packaged in a corporate business model that reeks of Shareholder's demands. The same artists (Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, TobyMac) seem to hold a monopoly on the voters' votes every year. I know that these people are talented, but there come times when other acts should get recognized for their equally wonderful music, or for making even better music than the Dove Award stalwarts.

To be snubbed and unrecognized by the very bastion of the Contemporary Christian Music, the GMA's Dove awards, is a blessing in disguise for Switchfoot. A band whose vision is to be "Christian by faith, not genre" would do well to not win very many of these awards. The "Christian rock" stereotypes are already suffocating enough. Of course, recognition for their ubiquitous talent would've been nice, and I wouldn't have complained, but I also breathe a sigh of relief that they won no Dove awards.

Switchfoot did pretty much rock the house though, playing "This Is Home" for the first time on national tv last night. Lilbluejay26 recorded the performance on his/her camera, and posted it on youtube... ALREADY! Oh, the wonders of the internet. Here it is:

To read up more about the "This Is Home" media blitz that happened yesterday, go to our last post.

Maybe more thoughts will follow in the future... but for now, congratulations Switchfoot for not winning any Dove awards. ;)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"this is home" is absolutely beautiful!!
this is my first time hearing it and it speaks to me just as powerfully as every other song they sing.

they are a beautiful band, truly inspiring and real.

Anonymous said...

"This is Home" is amazing! When does the music video come out???

Job said...

I cant wait for This Is Home also.

The video... I dunno when. Hopefully soon. hehe