Monday, April 14, 2008

Listen to "This Is Home"!

And, the moment has arrived. We can now hear "This Is Home," thanks to the recording by LittleEffer on youtube.

This is epic. Just epic. amazing.


Speaking of "This Is Home," yesterday, the guys were at the video shoot for the song. Jon Foreman blogs about it. Oh, and the Summer Tracklisting has been released:

Monday, April 14, 2008

rental trains and their usefulness in rock-videodom

Last night we filmed the video for a song called "This is Home" written for the new Narnia movie. I think it will turn out great- we rented a subway station in LA (including a subway train!) sweet.

Highlights include:
-wind blown bits of paper flying at us at an incredible rate
-surprise folks walking around the video, (ie: Keith Tutt and more...)
-drew playing a jazz master
-romey playing an old yamaha CP 70, (after he battled a full day of cancelled flights to get there)
-got to see the daylights and co.
-worked with brandon dickerson again, (he's such a great guy...)
-got to shoot a crazy boom shot at hollywood and highland on a sunday night. yes. so weird and fun.

The whole thing wrapped up a few hours ago in the wee hours of the morn. so now I'm here at LAX drifting in and out of sleep. Trying to make sure I don't miss my flight out to nashville. Richie has already started mixing summer- we're hoping to finish it this week. Oh boy!

the line up as of now:
-the house of god forever
-instead of a show
-deep in your eyes (there is a river)
-resurrect me
-a mirror is harder to hold

Jon and all of the Switchfoot guys have gotten me super stoked.


Since the guys are on a short break from tour, lets catch up with three new daily foot entries, thanks to the amazing dude that is Andy Barron. Dig?

Bourbonnais, Illinois

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Indianapolis, Indiana


And check out the news release from drummer Chad Butler about the upcoming "Music Builds Tour."


Andrew said...

The keys on the first verse of THIS IS HOME are just epic

Andrew said...

On Jon's official site, it says that he is going to play at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC on April 30 at 3:00 pm.

Job said...

yup. I think I posted about that a while back. but thanks for the reminder. ^^

Anonymous said...

if this song could get as much success as the goo goo dolls' song for the transformers movie, it'd be a great success heading into their new album.

Job said...


agreed. I'm thinking it has potential to do even better... maybe as big as "Keep Holding ON" by Avril Lavigne for the Eragon movie. I mean, this song is way better than that one. haha