Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Switchfoot and Music Builds Tour Press

Musicbuildstour.com is up and operational!


Third Day posted a blog about the Music Builds Kick-Off show at the Wildhorse Salloon last night:

I love to see a great plan come together. We've talked about and
planned this tour for months and months, but we realized tonight how
truly special it's going to be.

We did a preview show at the Wildhorse in Nashville with Jars of Clay
and Switchfoot. It was unbelievable. I feel like all three bands had
a great show, and each brought something to the table. If tonight was
any indication, it's going to be a great tour...


Another blogger named Brody Harper posted a blog about Switchfoot's set last night!

After that ended Wes and I walked a few blocks over just in time to catch the beginning of Swithfoot’s set. Now I have see a lot of shows in my day, and I have even seen Switchfoot a few times, but last night they put on, what could quite possibly be, the best live rock show I have ever seen. They blew me away. They have come a long way from Chem 6A that’s for sure. Unbelievable entertainers and if you haven’t seen them, now is the time. They are about to head out on tour with Jars, and Third Day and the show is pretty amazing.

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Some press about the Music Builds Tour:

Exreme Radio America
Live Daily
Social Lush
Live on Music


And man, the Malaysian news just can't get enough of Switchfoot. Seventeen Magazine in Malaysia had a feature on the band, and again, Land of Broken Hearts has the scans here!

Check it!

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