Friday, June 12, 2009

Fiction Family back on the road! Switchfoot to "dream up" their new website

Well folks, in the time we have been "away" (on my part, due to illness), Fiction Family has been back on the road playing shows that will lead up to their prime slot at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, which takes place tomorrow.

We have a fan-blog report about the show last night at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC. Here's an excerpt:

I really love the Fiction Family album, and they’re even better live. The venue is small, which lent itself to a more informal mood and allowed Jon Foreman to talk to individual people in the crowd–not me, but some people were lucky. The music was INCREDIBLE, of course. And Fiction Family covered Jon Foreman’s “Resurrect Me,” which they have recorded, but Jon also sang two other of his solo songs–”Behind Your Eyes” and “Your Love is Strong,” which is my favorite song from the seasonal EPs. Admittedly, there were tears in my eyes. So wonderful.

Read the rest HERE. :)


Well, since Jon Foreman has been out with his other band, the rest of Switchfoot have been having some fun back here at home. They've been tweeting it up on the Twitter of their many doings and goings-ons. Going-ons? Goings-on? help. hehe

June 10th:
- Home from fun morning surf.

- Anyone catch the black keys/yeah yeah yeahs/metric show in Oceanside (north san diego) on Sun? So bummed I missed it, 10 minutes from me.

June 11th:
- What's up, It's drew, and I'm watching one last static tv show tonight, cause it's all digital rabbit ears from here on out.More l8r,-d

- Oh, and thanks everyone for all your messages and mentions. I just read like a hundred and could only write back a few. High fives, drew

June 12th:
- Early surf, then Dreaming up our new website with chad.

- About to destroy an amazing burrito with andy and chad at the camp in costa mesa. -tim

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- @nigeltttan yes, we love Singapore!

- Met some twitter friends on our way out of the restaurant. Headed back to sd with chad behind the wheel.

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Looks like the boys are having fun. And by all accounts from Mr. Andy Barron, it looks like the new Switchfoot record's artwork is being finalized. We are definitely getting amped up, and it might not be long until we start hearing material from "Hello Hurricane." Plus, the possibility of a new website is definitely something that gets us all stoked as well.

Switchfoot, we can't wait! :D

Peace out everyone. Have a great weekend.


Haley Gambrell said...

Hey, thanks for linking to my blog! That's so awesome! I'm a huge Switchfoot/Jon Foreman fan (as I'm sure you noticed), so I'm pretty stoked to find your blog, too!

Job said...

Hey Haley! No problem... I loved reading your entry... I thought it'd be cool to share it around. hope you didn't mind. hehe.

But sweet, hope you like it around here. :)