Thursday, June 4, 2009

Switchfoot/Blue October Tour Pre-Sale Up now! posted the first non-Friends of the Foot pre-sale for the upcoming Crazy Making Tour with Blue October. Go here to grab the tickets before the general public can get them.

Here's an press article from AntiMusic

(PR) Switchfoot have announced their Crazy Making Summer Tour which is set to kick off July 26th in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The tour will feature special guests Ours and Longwave.

Switchfoot is currently putting the finishing touches on its seventh studio album, Hello Hurricane. Produced by the band and Mike Elizondo {Eminem, Rilo Kiley, Fiona Apple), the album is by turns explosive and elegant, a transcendent work that finds Switchfoot exploring new musical textures.

Read the full report here

Next, Live Daily confirms that the tour will indeed be of the co-headlining variety between Switchfoot and Blue October:

Blue October and Switchfoot will embark on a co-headlining tour this summer to promote their respective new releases, "Approaching Normal" and "Hello Hurricane."

Read the rest of the article here.

And now, here are some other press articles on the upcoming Switchfoot/Blue October Crazy Making madness:

- The Celebrity Cafe
- The Audio Perv
- The Earth Times


Cross Rhythmns has a decent news feature on Fiction Family, and one portion that catches the eye is how Jon Foreman answers the question of how Switchfoot and Fiction Family are able to translate their material to all audiences:

Foreman was asked how, given Switchfoot's popularity with both mainstream and Christian audiences, the material on 'Fiction Family' would translate to both? Said Foreman, "I don't think either of those words exist in the way many people think they do. I believe in a God that transcends soul, matter, time and space, so when I'm writing a song, I'm not thinking about the we/they. There is no we/they if we're all in a journey toward truth, though I suppose that can sound really new age-y. I'm a believer, but I think that the boxes that are commonly put on Christendom by the post-modern world can be really destructive to the way we produce art and produce love to those around us."

Watkins feels there is a future for Fiction Family. He said, "I would love to continue. Jon and I talked about more Fiction Family stuff; it's kind of open-ended when we have time.


And lastly, today's update would be remiss without a recap of the Tweeting of our favorite Twitter peeps (yeah, we're talking about Switchfoot... hehe):

June 3, 2009

- RT@martinamcbride "Listened to Meant2Live -switchfoot. Hadn't heard in a long time. What a record! Took me to another place for a min"-thx!

^wow, btw. That's pretty cool.

- Official Tweet: Switchfoot Touring Pre-sale Starts Purchase pre-sale tickets now , click here. (@dalemanning)

- Weird day. Was that thunder in San diego?

- On my way to a padres game. Let's go pa-dres!

^sad to say, the friars lost that game.

and June 4, 2009

- Was that a little earthquake?

@switchfoot yes a 2.0 located at 34.007N 116.726W (via @crcole) Guess so, palm springs quake. Going surfing with chad.

- Haha, and thanks also to @jmccartie for the quake intel.

Oh! California.

Have a nice day everyone. :)

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