Friday, June 26, 2009

Switchfoot Bro-Am Auction kicks off a busy weekend in San Diego

Only a brief recap here:

Andy Barron tweeted a pic of Drew Shirley MC'ing the Bro-Am auction

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And our good friends over at LOBH created a live-updating Twitter account to keep us all informed this weekend.

One BIG news item is this particular tweet:

- I've let you suffer long enough! The album art is... *drum roll* birds in the sky with the words "Hello Hurricane" on the top left. React!

SUPER jealous. :)

Be sure to head over to the twitter account to catch a full recounting of what happened down in San Diego. Sounded like a GREAT evening.


And the press is starting to pour in, in preparation for the weekend ahead.

- Globalsurfnews, who posted a Poster for the event:

- SDNN, which has the FIRST EVER public appearance of a photo from Switchfoot's desert shoot for "Hello Hurricane," fresh off the hard drive!

- North County Times




Switchfoot tweeted quite a bit throughout yesterday, including a mention of a familiar person.... Here's a recap:

June 25

- Wow, it's too early. Time to grab some gear from studio and go to interviews. This Twitter is just helping me stall from getting up. -tf

- Had fun at star 94.1 this am, great people. Now at the W downtown with sophie 103.7 playing acoustic, will air a tune at 3:30.

- those who missed the radio interview on Star941 in San Diego, here's a brief recap! (via @joberooni)

- @JeannaLOBH hi, 3:30 pst. -tim

- Felt spontaneous, played "vice verses" for the first time as a full band. Airs on Sophie at 3:30pst. We played on a fake rooftop beach, ha.

June 26

- Just got home from our Bro-Am charity auction, what an amazing night! Lots of money raised for "stand up for kids." Time for some sleep. -tf


NOTE: I tuned in to Sophie 1037 at 3:30 local time but the "Vice Verses" performance was never aired, as right about that time, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop himself, was pronounced dead at age 50.

It was a tragic day, and we have lost a Legend in his own right. Our respects go out to the Jackson family. May you rest in peace, MJ.

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