Saturday, June 27, 2009

Switchfoot's Album Artwork for "Hello Hurricane - REVEALED

Yupp! As we mentioned, LOBH has been running the twitter account SwitchfootBroAm in order to keep us all updated on the weekend goings-on in San Diego related to the Switchfoot Bro-Am. As we also mentioned, the album artwork was revealed this past Thursday during the Bro-Am auction. Here, again courtesy of the GREAT, MAGNIFICENCE that is LOBH, we have a picture of the album artwork for "Hello Hurricane."

What do you say, friends? I think it's near-epic.


BE SURE TO KEEP CHECKING today to get live, almost-instant updates on what's happening at the Switchfoot Bro-Am.

Here's what the Switchfoot boys posted on their official twitter:

- Switchfoot Bro-am surf contest/concert today at moonlight beach, Encinitas CA. The sun just came out, gonna be a great day!

Have an amazing day, and hope it goes swimmingly for you all. :)

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