Saturday, June 20, 2009

Come to the 2009 Switchfoot Bro-Am! June 27th, Encinitas, CA; and Other Switchfoot news

^(official official Tracklisting for "Hello Hurricane." Thanks LOBH!)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEROME FONTAMILLAS!!! Our favorite "he-plays-everything-else" dude is turning 42 today. WOOT! Thanks for rockin' with Switchfoot all these years, Romey. :)


Rapid-fire news Saturday... hehe. ^^

Switchfoot uploaded a promo video for the Bro-Am next week:


The Daily Foot is back!

Read about the show in Gaylord, Michigan here!


Speaking of which, Luke gave LOBH the set list from last night's show in Ohio.

Switchfoot Set:
Oh Gravity!
Crazy Love/Gone/Umbrella/Gone
This is Home
American Dream
Won't Back Down
This is Home
We are One/Shadow Proves the Sunshine/We are One
Mess of Me
On Fire
Meant to Live
Only Hope (Jon solo)
Dare You to Move

Jon Solo Set:
Happy Birthday
War in My Blood
Resurrect Me
Learning How to Die
Company Car
Southbound Train
Let Your Love Be Strong
Your Love is Strong


Toronto's National Post interviewed Chad Butler ahead of their show tonight:

Q: Has being independent changed Switchfoot's musical direction at all?
A: We worked for many months without a producer, or even an engineer sometimes. It was just us experimenting in the studio. There's a lot of happy accidents when you don't know what you're doing (laughs). We were trying to find new ways of capturing the live energy we have on stage.
We did bring in Mike Elizondo in the last few months of recording. That was incredible to have someone like that to bring a new synergy. He comes from a completely different background - he came from producing and writing with Dr. Dre and Eminem. And more recently with Rilo Kiley and Fiona Apple. Recording with him was a challenge for us - his approach was really refreshing. Someone who's got such a rhythmic sensibility.
I think it's going to be really surprising when people hear this.

Q: What is the set-list going to look like at the NXNE show?
A: We have been bringing out a couple Legend of Chin [the band's first record] songs in the last year from time to time. I think for us right now the urgency and excitement is to start playing a few of these new songs from Hello Hurricane. We will be debuting some - I think Toronto will be one of the very first show we get to play these new songs at. Now that the record is finished - it'll be fresh for us.

Read the rest HERE


June 19th Twitter Posts:

- Just passed 20k followers. Thanks for following all of our ridiculousness. We love you guys, -tim

- On stage in 30 min here in OH. Gonna be wet and wild. Maybe some lightning. Should be fun. Toronto tomorrow! We love our Canadian friends.

- Jerome says he's ready to rock some ohians.

- thunder, lightning, and heavy rain right during the last chorus of dare. it was pretty epic. amen for post-show chick-fil-a. -andy

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