Thursday, June 25, 2009

Switchfoot taking over San Diego this weekend; and personal notes

Hi everyone. Just as a little "uniqueness" sort of thing, i thought I'd repost what I wrote in this thread of the Official Switchfoot Message Boards about the three newest songs we've heard from "Hello Hurricane" so far. I'm thinking of writing a more thorough and comprehensive review on these songs plus "Yet" and "Vice Verses," but not sure yet. Should I? Anyways, I digress. Here they are, and thanks for reading my rambling:

"Hello Hurricane" is the poppiest and "safest" bet at radio. Judging by the fact that they've never gone with any risky singles in the past (Oh! Gravity. being an exception), I'd be interested and would support the idea of going with something different for radio, at least for the lead single. But I definitely want to hear this on the radio. It's just screaming for airplay. The lyrics are accessible and hopeful, easy to recognize, and the music has that upbeat quality that would make the song a summery hit. HAHA. they should release it during hurricane season.

"Bullet Soul" sounds pretty amazing. I can totally see that gracing the Modern Rock stations, and possibly spilling into Hot AC. Remember, that's how "Meant to Live" did it. But not sure Top 40 would embrace anything from Switchfoot anymore, unless they went pop-hop. haha. But I've had the riff of this song stuck in my head for the past three days, and the chorus too. It's a grabber, alright.

"Mess of Me," I thought at first would've been a solid radio shot, but it's sounding pretty repetitive after awhile. Maybe a a solid third single, after Bullet and Hurricane.

Am I crazy? Feel free to join the discussion here. :]


Seriously, epiphanyofhope on Youtube is amazing. Here's more footage from the Lancaster show, courtesy of epiphany. Check out there rest here

Switchfoot channels a bit of U2 in this "American Dream" video

^The Edge-esque atmospherics on the guitars. The Bono-esque speech to America. Really reminds one of "The Joshua Tree" era.

And here's probably the best quality video of "Bullet Soul" yet on Youtube.


Switchfoot tweeted about some radio interviews and performances they will be doing for some local San Diego TV and radio stations. Here's all the details:

Official Tweet: Hear SF: performances & interviews: Thurs 7:45 am STAR 94.1 Fri 7:45 am 91 X 8:30 am XETV 6

Be sure to tune in if you are in the area, and if you can wake up on time. haha!


Switchfoot also sent out a new email about the Bro-Am this weekend and the Del Mar Fair show they'll be playing the day before.

Dear Amigos -

The weekend has arrived. We are playing a very special hometown show THIS Friday June 26th at the Del Mar Fair in Del Mar, California. Click here for show and ticket info.

And, the 5th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am is this Saturday June 27th. This is a FREE beach event open to the public with a surf contest, concert, and vendors, featuring performances by Tristan Prettyman, Timmy Curran, The New Archaic, The Howls, Jane Carrey Band, Indivision, and Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and friends.

Full details:
What: 5th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am
When: Saturday, June 27, 2009
Where: Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA
Surf contest: 7am-3:30pm
Concert: 11am-5pm

And, make sure you join us for the Bro-Am after-party hosted by Switchfoot with Fiction Family, Stripes & Lines, Alex Woodard, and Molly Jenson, Saturday, June 27, 8PM @ The Belly Up Tavern. Click here for ticket info.

The Bro-Am was created to give back to the San Diego community while also benefiting a local children's charity through funds raised at an auction night event, as well as from vendors on the beach day-of, sponsorships, and an after-party at the Belly Up Tavern.

We are delighted to announce that this year's event will again benefit the San Diego and Oceanside branches of StandUp For Kids, a national nonprofit volunteer outreach organization that started right here in San Diego and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of at-risk,homeless, and street kids. (

As always, thanks for listening, and hope we see you this weekend.

- Tim, Chad, Jon, Jerome and Drew


And lastly, on a more personal note, my friends are giving me one of their extra tickets to the Del Mar show, so I'm pretty excited. Thanks guys!

But I'll try to get some pictures, videos, etc. to share with all my friends out here on the interweb as well. ;)

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