Thursday, June 25, 2009

Switchfoot Up early at Star 941 in San Diego

Yupp! Three of the Switchfoot boys, Jon and Tim Foreman, as well as Chad Butler, stopped by at San Diego's Hot AC station Star 941 and did an interview for the Jeff and Jer show.

If you missed it (as did I), never fear! They posted a podcast of the show, and you can download the interview by going here and scrolling down until you see the two mp3 files labeled:

- Rob Thomas in the Star Lounge, Switchfoot in studio.
- Switchfoot in studio (continued)

Then right-click, save target as. Note: the first audio file, Switchfoot's segment starts at around 20:49, so you can fast-forward to that part if you'd like to skip the Rob Thomas portion of the show.

Then, you can go here for photos and videos of the live performances during the interview that Jon played on his acoustic guitar. He played "Behind Your Eyes" and "Dare You to Move."


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