Monday, April 6, 2009

Switchfoot decides to replace the Webcam with Twitter; to begin final mixing Wednesday

April 6, 2009

- Amazing day home yesterday (check sunset), picking chad up at lax right now, then stu stu studio.

- Harmonies are flowing, new swell filling in... planning to surf in the morning

- A lot of folks asking us about the studio webcam. We decided that we'd never finish the record if we left it on, too much fun.

- So twitter is the new webcam for now. Starting to mix the new record on Wednesday, almost finished! (Bold added)

- I turn my camera on...


So the Switchfoot Webcam is officially done, for this album at least. It's been a lot of fun while it was on, but the band is probably right. They will never get any work done if they keep that thing on.

So, if you miss watching the webcam, or totally missed the webcam, head on over the Switchfoot Webcam 2008 blog for piles and heaps of recaps, photos, and videos. Hope you enjoy those as much as we did in putting those together.

But so the final mixing will begin on Wednesday, meaning tracking and vocals and guitars and keys and drums are officially done! The album is near completion folks! Exciting, exciting, exciting!

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know what they use to create the contact sheet look?