Thursday, April 23, 2009

FootColumns #1: Switchfoot – 4 Albums? Oh! The possibilities.

As we all know by now, Switchfoot has announced the stunning news that instead of one traditional studio album, they have recorded 4 full-length albums, having tracked 80+ songs. Do you realize the sheer magnitude of 80 recorded songs? Now, granted, that's spread out over the past 2 1/2 years since Oh! Gravity. was released, but few bands can truly say they have recorded and finished 80 songs over that time period.

Now, if you've been reading, following, or writing in the "New Album Thread" on the official message boards, you'll know that there is a concern that this much material this fast could be a signal that Switchfoot is getting ready to call it quits. First off, this notion is pretty unfounded, not to mention simply silly. Folks, this isn't going to be the end for the band, don't worry.

As some of you pointed out, there is no indication that Jon Foreman, nor Switchfoot, are going to be slowing down ANYTIME soon. Over the past two years since Oh! Gravity., Jon has released four solo EP's, a compilation record, a Fiction Family side project, and even wrote a song with Switchfoot for one of the biggest movies of 2008.

So, here's my Reason #1 on why this isn't the end for Switchfoot:

Freedom of Creativity, Art, AND Commerce

All of these side projects happened, if you remember, because the band gained it's independence from Columbia Records/Sony. The freedom for creativity and when they want to release these projects is limitless. They wouldn't have gone through the long, tedious process of leaving a label if they were thinking of mailing it in anytime soon. If Switchfoot was done with music, they could've taken the easy way out, releasing a CD of throwaways, and a greatest hits record to fulfill their contract with Sony. Then they would be free to go and work regular day jobs at the local burger joint. Come on people, who really wants to work a 9-5 if they can surf all morning, record and write music all afternoon, and then go on tour playing these tunes for months?

Reason #2

Switchfoot is entering a BRAND NEW era. why not do something radical? They just founded lowercase people records to release their music. They just built a brand new studio in San Diego. All these new concepts and ideas would of course lead to the conclusion that the band is done, right? Of course not. This is a new day for the band.

I think it's brilliant that they're working on releasing all these albums one after another; these songs will hopefully be arranged according a certain theme or sound, so that each release will sound different. Whatever it is, we know Switchfoot knows exactly what they're doing.

And lastly, Reason #3

Switchfoot LOVES music

Honestly, how can we even imagine these dudes never making music? I'm pretty sure they'll be writing songs even when they're older in some form or another. But all five of these guys are entering their prime (age-wise), and I'm sure their musical prowess has continued to grow since last they recorded and release a record. I don't think they would just quit on the music that has changed their lives and the lives of thousands around the world.

THAT'S why this isn't the end for Switchfoot.Take heart, and sit tight folks. These next few years are going to be incredible.


Mariangela said...

Great post my friend! I don't know you, but I like the way you've put those 3 points. I complete agree with those (hope SF proves you right!) :D

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Job said...

Thanks! I really hope so too... I'm sorta guessing as well. ;)