Friday, April 24, 2009

Switchfoot New Album Title: Hello Hurricane

Fresh fresh news from the Twitter feed:

- Sept. 2009: "Hello Hurricane."
TBD 2010: "Vice Verses"

Much love, amigos. -jon, tim, chad, jerome, drew

"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Job



Ok, I'm a little more calm now. hehe. So the press and media has begun to heat up again over the past few days with these new announcement of four albums from Switchfoot. Here are some links:

Indievision Music
Punk disasters
Driveby Media

Nice to see that we can finally add the label "In the News" to this post again. Feels so good.


So, the Dove Awards happened a few nights ago, and as usual, Switchfoot got shut out in all their nominations. However, 'Prince Caspian' took home a Dove Award for "Instrumental Album of the Year." Congrats to Disney and everyone involved for the honor. Too bad "This Is Home" stood no chance...

Read the story here


And, for your random Switchfoot/Jon Foreman/Fiction Family sighting of the day:

Fiction Family's song "Look For Me Baby" was featured in hardcore band Underoath's latest video update:

?? Nice.


And, some Twitter posts that got lost in translation:

April 23, 2009

- jon and I to the studio after a very fruitful morning of photo shoot prep. luv, @andybarron

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- Lunch break. Keith came by, romey is hangin tough, drew and tim look slightly confused.

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early April 24, 2009

- Just finished mixing 'sing it out'. Back later today to announce the album title...

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So, we have the new album titles for the next two records coming from Switchfoot. Love em? Hate em? Let us know. We'd love to hear your opinion. I for one enjoy both titles greatly; "Hello Hurricane" has got to be one of the more epic album names in quite a while.


miles said...

As always Switchfoot finds away to change up the game and come with something fresh and new.
"Switchfoot is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your going to get."HaHa
And their the only band I know, who reinvents their sound every record. I for one Can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

Merritt said...

Switchfoot rockz so much man. I just got the buetiful letdown album lol, it iz so cool