Saturday, April 18, 2009

Switchfoot Twittering like crazy; 7 Songs mixed, working on song 8 tonight

April 17, 2009

2:18 AM
- Wow, late night. The moon looks otherworldly right now, copper and huge. Driving home to Sandy eggo. Gnite! -tim

3:06 PM
- Stopped for gas on the 405 N... Honk if you see four dudes in traffic drinking Oreo milkshakes!

8:16 PM
- Firepit hangout on a Friday night, love it. mixing a new tune called "yet" tonight.

April 18, 2009

- Good laughs while listening to today's mix... things are feeling really good

- Another late one. 7 songs mixed! For all you so. cal folks, come hang with jon and I at the new verizon store in la jolla at 1:30 today(sat)

- Great to see so many of you today in la jolla, place was packed! Just got done surfing, mixing track 8 tonight! Fleece and love, -tim

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