Tuesday, April 14, 2009


UPDATE: Swichfoot has officially denied this release date, saying that it's actually going to be August or September when this album is released. We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding we may have caused. We're just as disappointed as the rest of you.


New Release Tuesday (which is seldom wrong on these types of things) has announced a RELEASE DATE for the brand new Switchfoot record that is coming out.

And the big day is... ~drum roll please~:

JULY 14th, 2009

Mark your calendars folks. Probably one of the most anticipated Switchfoot albums EVER is going to be released two weeks into the month of July. Can you say, STOKED?!


In another piece of interesting news, the Switchfoot guys call on the Jonas Brothers(?!?) to rescue them:

I thought this was rather humorous; especially the fact that the tone of theirs makes makes it sound like they are talking to little children (which, in fact, is true!)

Anyhow, check out Invisiblechildren.com for more info on The Rescue


That'll do it for today's updates. We'll go back to a more regular schedule of Twitter updates and recaps and what-not. For today, let this news sink in. The new Switchfoot record is nigh!


Luke Godfrey said...

I'm glad there's a release date finally, but why does it say Sparrow Records? I thought they were going on their own "Lowercase People" label.

Job said...

Hey Luke.

We've been officially told that this is NOT going to be the release date for the album. I'm sorry if this caused you unwarranted excitement... goodness knows I was super stoked as well. However, the album will be released sometime in August or September, so stay tuned here and we'll have news on that. =) Again sorry.

And as for the Sparrow thing, that's just the distribution label Switchfoot is going with on the Christian side of things. ATO Records will be working the release to the mainstream, and both those labels will be operating under the umbrella of lowercase people records. Hope that helps. =]