Monday, April 13, 2009

Jon Foreman, Timmy Curran, and Tom Curren play acoustic benefit show; Switchfoot wishes Happy Easter

Lots of Twitter updates over the weekend. Here's the rundown, in case you missed any of it.

April 11th (the show happened the night before)

- Wow, a lot happened today. We shot surf footage for Hurley this am with timmy curran. Fun waves. Then soundcheck/hang/show in Ventura.

- Acoustic set, with tom curren and timmy curran. They sounded great, lot's of fun, great night.

-Now come's the amazing part: this photo tells it all. Chad and I are only 5 miles into our 4 hour drive... oof. Could be a long night! - ...

- One more try: the photo of our ill-fated gas pump. Hmmmm...


- Happy day-before Easter. I saw a lot of egg hunts today. I sometimes wish there were adult egg hunts.

- New @Switchfoot video podcast from guatemala/costa rica is up on iTunes. As always, free for your enjoyment. Have a great Easter amigos.


Don't forget to check out the new Switchfoot podcast (if you haven't already). Happy Easter everyone.

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