Saturday, April 25, 2009

"lets make this new album do even better!"

Amidst the wondrous elation amongst the Switchfoot fams on the official boards, I noticed one sound bite of wisdom from a guy screenamed lilguitardude:

hey everyone we need to make sure we actually buy this album instead of downloading it (or download it then but the actual copy) cuz oh gravity isnt even certified gold, which is sad. so we need to make sure HH sells more like the Beautiful Letdown which sold 2.6 million. we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets make this new album do even better!

^Way to be man. That one post in particular lit up my day a little brighter amidst all the great news that has been pouring out of the Switchfoot camp these days. Let's keep his philosophy in mind friends. ;)


Alright. We have heard the new album name. We know what it'll be called now. What you may not have known though, is that a few weeks ago, some people on the official message boards decided to start a thread for the song titled "Hello Hurricane," which had been mixed on Tuesday, April 7. None of us knew what the song sounded like, much less whether it would be any good. The group was based on the merits of such an epic song title alone. Yesterday, we found out the ALBUM was going to be named that, much to the joy of many of Switchfoot fams.

So, I would like to invite you to join the movement. As you can see on our sidebar, we've got links and banners to the two incarnations of the "Hello Hurricane Fan Club": Facebook and Switchfoot Boards.

This will be the first step in our long-awaited promotion cycle for this new album. Friends, we are going to need EVERYONE'S help to get the good word out to the world about the new and upcoming Switchfoot album. So join the movement. And, KEY to the group's significance and success, please invite ALL of your friends to join the group on Facebook. The more people join, the more people will hear about the album, and possibly be equipped and excited to spread the word about Switchfoot and "Hello Hurricane." Thanks folks. And also, LOBH did the banners on our sidebar, but if you would like to post them as forum signatures or on your own websites, here they are:

Here's the link to the Facebook group:


REMEMBER. Invite all your friends. The movement starts with us.


Indie Vision has another article/news piece about Switchfoot's album announcements. Read it here


And lastly, Switchfoot update their Twitter with a post that closes the book on the "Hello Hurricane" sessions. It's been great guys. We wish the Switchfoot boys all the best.

April 24, 2009

- Mixing the final track now: red eyes. This record has been an emotional and spiritual journey. So eager to share it with you, friends.

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