Monday, April 27, 2009

Switchfoot plays Kansas City, then comes to The Rescue

Last Saturday, Switchfoot was in Kansas City playing their first show since February, and later participated in Invisible Children's "The Rescue." Here's their twitter feed from that day, chronicling the events:

April 25, 2009

- 8:32 AM: Now boarding all rows to Kansas City.

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- 12:14 PM: Foot has landed in KC.

- 4:33 PM: Van broke down on the way to the gig but we figured it out!

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- 7:27 PM: Wow. Thanks Kansas City. Felt great to play live music again. We love you guys.

- 8:13 PM: On our way to the rescue with invisible children here in kc. Gonna rescue us some college folk. I feel like jack bauer. -tim

- 9:32 PM: KC has been rescued. What a night; amazing individuals standing in solidarity for change. Really impacted me, honored to meet you all. -tim


I'm going to try to get Part 1 of the Switchfoot Singles Analysis essays I've been writing up sometime this week. Be on the lookout for it. Official FootColumn #2.

If you would like to write a FootColumb for us, email us at with your ideas. We'd love to have other writers for this site, besides me. :)

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