Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Happy Earth Day yesterday; and the BIG Switchfoot Release News Aftermath

Hello friends. Still reeling from the new announcement about Switchfoot's upcoming record(s)? So am I. Here are the complete Twitter updates from yesterday, Earth Day, and then some.

April 22, 2009:

- Happy earthday.

- Jerome says what's up. New tune called Needle and haystack life is making us happy. Mixing now, turn it up!

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- At Norm's. Amazing vintage guitar store.

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And, of course the double Twitter posts heard 'round the world (or, the Switchfoot world, at least)

- So we haven't been entirely honest when we said we've been recording a new record. The truth is, we actually recorded 4 albums, 80+ songs.

- We'll be releasing them one at a time, starting with the first one this aug/sept. We'll announce the album title this Friday when we finish!

And, lastly:

- Chad is competing for the largest kick drum award. Wow.

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^That is one ENORMOUS kick drum. Holy cow.

- jon and I to the studio after a very fruitful morning of photo shoot prep. luv, @andybarron

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Apparently also, Jon Foreman posted a myspace bulletin last night. Thanks to Timmay! on the boards:

So... here we are april 22.
In california it's like summer the past few days

we're a few days away from the completion of new foot record. can't wait to get it out into your hands! chad is tracking drums on a song called "sing it out" could be the last thing we record for this thing.

So here's what midnight feels like north of LA tonight: the smell of cloves cigarettes through the open studio lounge window, the cool night air on my face, the low pulse of the kick deep in my stomach... shaking the picture of J. Lennon on the wall.

I'm gonna get back at it,

Almost done... we can't wait either Jon!


And, in honor (sorta) of the new Album release, I thought I'd kick off one of this sites new features. We want to start a section on this site called "FootColumns." Quite simply, they are going to be essays, writings, original poems, songs, etc. about Switchfoot that offers a unique perspective on the band. We're accepting writers of all kinds. If you would like to write for this site, PLEASE PLEASE let us know. I'm excited to see what other SwitchFams' perspectives on the band are. If you are interested, comment here with your email address, or Facebook, or Myspace, or AIM/Yahoo/MSN/Skpye account, and I'll contact you.

Or, you can just email us at:

Well, anyways, for the the inaugural FootColumns post, I'm going to be posting a short essay I wrote up this morning with reaction towards the new Switchfoot Announcement. (what do we even call that?).

Read it here

So, hope you enjoy that, and please comment with discussion points or improvement tips or anything.

Thanks! Peace and love,
- Job

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