Sunday, April 5, 2009

Star Wars Cars and Jonny (Foreman) Rockets

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter updates! The Switchfoot boys (particularly Tim Foreman) were at it all day yesterday giving us a rundown of a particular Star Wars car that caught their attention on the freeway. here's what they had:

April 4th, 2009:

12:38 PM:
I-5 north, listening to copeland. Sun is out, ready to finish the tune we started yesterday, feeling good.

2:13 PM:
Wow, just saw the most amazing car ever: star wars. R2d2 in the back, yoda riding shotgun. Check it:

2:15 PM
Unbelievable. Here's another angle. Don't worry, jon is driving.

3:20 PM
More awesomeness (as witnessed at a toys r-us) - the interior of the star wars car. (via @nicoleedralin)

3:22 PM - @switchfoot - & this is the owner.(via @nicoleedralin) Also, @goEDstudyabroad has informed us that r2d2 spins...

5:15 PM
Bass for the place... Timmo lays it on down

6:39 PM
Jonny rockets.


All I can really say is, wow. Hope that was just as entertaining to you as it was to me.

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