Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chad Butler does some last-minute tracking; Some press about Switchfoot and an introduction to FootColumn #2!


Twitter update, April 30, 2009

- You never know when the muse might strike. Chad just had some last-minute drum inspiration, tracking now. Wow, the man is on fire!

^So the album is not QUITE done yet hmm...? interesting.


Just a couple of press pieces/blogs about the new Switchfoot EP's and albums and everything else!

Punk Disasters

^Gotta love this comment on that story:

"wtf is wrong with this band?"



The Sport of Death


Here's another video of the new song, "Yet," with Jon Foreman introducing the song and talking about it. One of our favorite merch guys, Radar, (remember him?!) has declared this song as his favorite on "Hello Hurricane." Also, as I suspected, Jon said that "You have kinda imagine it being spacious and not just three dudes (playing)" the song. But here, you can listen for yourself. =)

BONUS: Download

To see other videos from this particular Youtube user's account, visit spanreb902

Here's a song called "Just Rob Me" that Jon has played a few times in the past. He played it at UCSD as well.

BONUS: Download


Today, I'm going to be posting the first in a series of five essays (yes, overkill much) talking about how Switchfoot singles have fared in the past. The series will culminate in a post about what I would personally do if I was in charge at ATO Records and Red Light Management, in handling the band's lead single. Should be fun. =) Watch for FootColumn #2, Singles Essay #1, later on today.

Disclaimer: No, I'm in no way saying that the band's label or management team are doing a horrible job. They are doing an AMAZING job and I'm excited because Switchfoot are surrounded with such quality people who are smart about this music business thing. These essays are just a bit of fun, for those interested reading, and for myself, the writer.

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