Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hear a new Switchfoot song!

Jon Foreman played "Yet" at a UCSD Pub After Dark last night, and here it is, captured in full on Youtube. Thanks Golden528!

^Initial impression of the song: Lukewarm. I'm not sure what to make of it, and probably because of the acoustic treatment, it sounds A LOT like Jon Foreman's solo songs. I also immediately thought of Augustana while listening to this.

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS on this new song? Let me know, I'd love to discuss it with you!

To see more videos from this random show, check out loveyaaa's Youtube profile.


And, Jon also played "Vice Verses" again. Here's the video:

^This, my friends, is probably closer to the way it sounds on the record. I'm even more sold on this song.


Also, Fiction Family is featured in the new issue of Relevant Magazine. Those guys over there make great 'zines. Check out the article here


We also got an email from Red Light Management confirming that there indeed is an EP out there that exists called Eastern Hymns for Western Shores.

"we have an unreleased EP that we recorded before this new album. Not sure when it will be released yet... hopefully sometime in the next year."

Awesome. So there you have it. =) Thanks again to LOBH for first breaking this story. =)


Freakout Matrix said...

Both those
Love the first one. Simplly beautiful.
The second one...I haven't been that amazed by a song in a long, long time. Wow! I was completely floored when I heard that!

Job said...

@Freakout Matrix

I agree. the first one is starting to grow on me. I can picture it as pretty epic with full instrumentation. Maybe a little less coffee shop-ish. =]

and yeah, the second one, Vice Verses, sounds really amazing. I was floored since day one! =D