Monday, April 20, 2009

Switchfoot mixing songs 8 and 9 today

Via the great and awesome Twitter feed:

April 20, 2009

- Driving north on 405, no traffic, ready to mix tracks 8 and 9 today. Drew says hi.

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^dang, no traffic on a So. Cali. freeway?! Just kidding... this phenomenon actually does happen on a weekday. It's a strange feeling indeed... but I digress.

So songs 8 and 9 are being mixed today. If they finish that, we could see a complete 12-song album mix by the end of the week! Possibly... ~fingers crossed~


UPDATE (11:57 AM PST):

Twitter update:
- Spoke too soon re: traffic. Oh well, Credence Clearwater on the radio, good happy driving music. Oh yeah, its 90 degrees outside, what?!

^haha. Ah, gotta love the cursed 405.

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