Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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"Mess of Me" continues to do well on the iTunes charts.

It is currently sitting pretty at No. 16 on the Rock charts and 156 on the overall charts. Spread the news to all your friends! Tweet about it, post it on Facebook, and buy it yourself or gift buy it for others (if your bank account so allows).

Buy it HERE.

If we can give it a solid first week on the charts, things will happen at radio as well. And, vice versa as well, which brings us to the Charts News…


Charts News (covering yesterday'ss action)

As you know, "Mess of Me" was officially released to rock radio stations yesterday, simultaneous to its release on iTunes and Amazon.

It had a great opening day, with several Alternative and Active Rock stations picking it up.

Adds for the week of September 29, 2009:


WEND-FM (Charlotte)
WLUM-FM (Milwaukee)
KCXX-FM (Riverside)

Format: ACTIVE

WBUZ-FM (Nashville)
KFRQ-FM (McAllen)

Spins for September 29, 2009

(o) = same; no change
(+) = increase
(-) = decrease


WBRU 18 (+2)
WEQX 11 (-1)
KBZT 10 (o)
WNNX (o)
KYSR (o)
WEND (o)
WLUM (o)


KZZQ 12 (+2)
WYBB 11 (o)
WIIL (o)
WRXW (o)
WBUZ (o)
KFRQ (o)

^Exciting times. I can't wait until one of the BIG stations like KROQ (Los Angeles) picks it up. Then, we'll be talking!


IndieVisionMusic has has posted part 2 of their weekly series of old Switchfoot reviews leading up to "Hello Hurricane"'s release. This week, they review "New Way to Be Human."

This sophomore release by Switchfoot takes everything they did on their debut and tweaks the sound enough to make it all improved. Everything from the moving lyrics to the wonderful sense of humor is still here and makes for a great album. Some might be disappointed in the lack of any drastic changes, but considering they weren’t treading water so much as becoming more efficient at it then it’s not a mark against them in my book. At least not yet it isn’t. As it is, New Way to Be Human is very enjoyable and a highlight in their discography.

Read the entire thing here

For Part 1 of the series ("Legend of Chin"), go here.

Also, they posted an explanation about the whole Switchfoot Celebration:

In case you were wondering why the heck we have two reviews of old Switchfoot albums on our site, let me explain. In celebration of their upcoming release “Hello Hurricane”, Michael came up with an idea to review every Switchfoot album in their discography, one per week, leading all the way up to “Hello Hurricane” on November 10th!! So there will be a different Switchfoot album reviewed every week all the way until the last review is posted on November 3rd for “Hello Hurricane”. So join in celebration of all things Switchfoot and read our reviews then comment with your thoughts. P.S. I am seriously considering “Hello Hurricane” as my number one pick for Album of the Year.


And last but not least, we got a tweet from Cameron Strang, the self-described Honcho at Relevant Magazine saying this:

- Finally home after a late deadline night. This issue is among our best. Switchfoot is the cover, with Tarantino, Matisyahu & a lot more. :)

^Dude, I will be looking for that one.

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