Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some Saturday charts news

Before we get started, we've been hearing that a lot of you are having problems finding/downloading the extras after pre-ordering "Hello Hurricane." So, to answer the basic questions, you can find your downloads by going to the "My Account" tab on the top bar in Bandfarm, and the download link should be in there.

If you are still having troubles, you can contact them here. They are usually very good at getting back to emails in a timely fashion.

Hope this helps. :)


Happy Saturday! We've got some chart details for you all. Nothing too big going yet on the airwaves for Switchfoot. Here's what we've got for September 19, 2009

(o) = same; no change
(+) = increase
(-) = decrease


WEQX 10 (o)
KBZT 7 (-)
WNNX (o)


WYBB 6 (+)
WIIL (o)


Christianity Today has a short news piece about an upcoming documentary that will feature a song by Jon Foreman.

The documentary company that released Sara Groves: Just Showed Up for My Own Life in 2006 returns with a new title, The Great Reverse, releasing September 15. The soundtrack for the latest Nomad film, which follows nine young missionaries in West Africa, includes Groves, MercyMe, Jars of Clay, Jon Foreman, Sleeping At Last and Lori Chaffer (of Waterdeep). The songs are interwoven within the reality show-styled flick.

Here also is some more info from Soul-Audio.


Switchfoot is playing Son Fest tonight in Ohio. Here are some early tweets about their journey to the Mount Vernon:

- Early morning flight to Ohio. Sleepy time. We'll be feeling a lot better in a few hours. -tf

Jon Foreman:
- I'm pretty sure my flight takes off before the sun arrives- Ohio, here we come!

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