Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Switchfoot Blog; "Hello Hurricane" in its entirety live...?

A new Switchfoot Myspace Blog talks about pre-sales and the upcoming "Hello Hurricane" tour!

Hello all,
Hope this letter finds you well!

First off, we (and many of you!) have been hiding our single, "Mess of Me" around the world. We hid the first one at Moonlight Beach in our hometown where the Bro-Am is annually held. Since then, the music's gotten to Australia, Hawaii, Russia, Guatemala... It's been so fun to see this whole thing progress! Follow the action on our twitter account, look up @switchfoot or #messofme for friends of the foot, check your email. When you get a copy, burn it and pass it on!

Second, I wanted to apologize for delay in getting the pre-order site up. These things are as frustrating to us as they are to you. We've been wanting to get this pre-order up for weeks now but there's one final snag that has been taking forever to sort out. Please understand that the delay is simply because we want to do things right the first time so that there are no mistakes. We're so proud about the way that this record turned out and we can't wait for you to hear it. Thanks again for your patience.

Third, the fall tour is shaping up. We'll be playing Hello Hurricane in it's entirety from start to finish. That's right. We like this record that much. After that we'll probably play a few favorites from past records. So amped about this tour! intimate rooms and old friends- More info on that to come in a few days... in the meantime, thanks for singing along!

hello hurricane,

^that is going to be so amazing.


chrisf2013 said...

cant wait

Thomas said...

amazing...... dang that is one concert i will not miss

Bleah Briann said...

Dido on that one TJ, I have to in have to. My friend and I are both insaneryly (yeah I know, I do it on purpose) crazy 'bout swichfoot. We won't miss it. :)