Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Switchfoot hits 10,000 Subscribers on Youtube!

6:41 PM PST. September 22, 2009

Congrats to Switchfoot for garnering their 10,000th subscriber on Youtube! I'm personally really excited about this milestone because my good friend, Corey Vidal, really has done an excellent job for Switchfoot's youtube presence. Since he's been brought on to help out, the subscribership has been steadily increasing and the "Mess of Me" has had the most successful opening week of any Switchfoot video ever.

A big round of applause for Switchfoot and Corey Vidal! Keep rockin' friends.

And if you haven't subscribed on Youtube yet, PLEASE go here now and subscribe by pressing the yellow subscribe button. It'd be greatly appreciated!


AllAccess is giving the song a lot of attention. Check out the "Impacting Songs" sections for both Alternative and Active Rock radio formats:


Active Rock

^So the official impact date really is September 29, 2009. Regardless, stations are starting to play the song more and more!


NOW, for Charts News:

September 23, 2009

(o) = same; no change
(+) = increase
(-) = decrease


KBZT 10 (o)
WEQX (-)
WNNX (o)
WBRU (o)
KYSR (o)


WYBB 12 (+ 1)
WIIL 5 (+2)
KZZQ (o)
WRXW (o)


Also, check back later today for TJ's latest FootColumn. He's written up a really insightful piece, this time, so you won't want to miss it!

UPDATE: HERE it is! Enjoy!

That's it for now friends. Have a great morning/day/evening/night!

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