Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The "Mess of Me" Hunt

Congrats to our friend, Kelsey, for finding our exclusive We're Awakening! digital copy of the "Mess of Me" single. For those of you catching up: yesterday, Switchfoot announced that they were hiding physical copies of the single around the world. The point is for the finders of these copies to start spreading the song around, one at a time.

Well, we were given the honor of hiding a digital copy of the single, and it was hidden somewhere on this site, but Kelsey found it! Thanks to everyone who participated in trying to find it; however the link is no longer active, so no use in trying to find it here. BUT, there will be plenty more opportunities to snag a copy, and since I have the file, CD's may be floating around near you. ;) Also, you can check Switchfoot's Twitter feed to hear where you can find cd's!

So, LOBH has given us a detailed, streamlined way of managing this Hunt for "Mess of Me," thanks to Switchfoot's management.

So let's set the scene... say you find a copy of Mess of Me.
Here's what you do:
1) Burn a copy
2) Hide said copy in a nearby location
3) E-mail with the address/description of the hiding place.
4) Enjoy the free tune!

Also, here is a detailed map that will feature all the locations a physical CD can be found.

View Mess Of Me - Find The CD in a larger map

HAPPY HUNTING! Also, there will be digital copies floating around the inter-web. Should you find one, make sure you follow the steps above. BUT PLEASE don't mass-share it around. It will ruin the game. :)


Here are some of the new tweets from Switchfoot:

- CD placed in Cape Town, South Africa: 301 Sanderiana, Bougain Villas, Century Boulevard, Century City

- CD will be at Kroger Grocery Store in Allen, TX from 2pm - 10pm CST today. find guy wearing black vest working near the registers

- los angeles! mess of me single will be available in the next hour or two. get ready to find it near hollywood.

- if you twittered us recently check your direct messages, you might have a link to burn #messofme and hide a copy yourself!

- just sent out a few more links for #messofme , check your direct messages. happy hide and seek, amigos! -jon

^This is going to snowball very, very quickly.


Bleah Briann said...

Are u gonna hide another link anytime soon?

Job said...

yes. stay tuned. :)

radnac said...

the single is available for download here:

Anonymous said...

radnac, that's not the way switchfoot would want this to happen... :( Don't encourage people to ruin the fun.

Trust me, this will snowball quickly, you'll be surprise at how many ppl with have this by the 20th