Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Mess of Me" Single Available for Purchase on iTunes


"Mess of Me" is now at No. 18 on the iTunes Rock Charts and No. 160 on the iTunes overall charts.


"Mess of Me" has hit some pretty prominent charts on iTunes. It is currently sitting at No. 21 on the Top Rock songs chart, and is at 180 on the main iTunes.


I know you all probably have it by now, but Switchfoot's single "Mess of Me" is available for purchase on iTunes. Go here to buy it, if you so wish.

Let's get it some chartage on iTunes!

Also, Amazon has it too, if you wish to get it there.

Notes: Actually, this iTunes version has a slightly altered mix from the "Mess of Me" Hunt version that has been floating around. The pre-chorus has a more prominent drum line than in the iTunes one. Also, the bridge's vocals are more prominent in this mix.

For those who don't really care too much about mixes and stuff, it's not a huge difference. But for those who care, it's definitely different. You will want to check it out!


iTunes Rock New and Noteworthy

iTunes New and Noteworthy


It has charted on iTunes' Top Rock Songs at No. 27

UPDATE: It's at No. 24.


Also, switchfootpodcast has uploaded the 4-minute trailer for "Hello Hurricane."


JamesWyl said...

Thanks for letting us know!

Is there any word on a UK release for the single or album. As much as I like the band, $27 USD (Amazon; even more on Switchfoot's site) is a little too much for me to spend on an import CD.


Job said...

James, you're welcome. :)

The album should see a UK release, I'm sure. I'll do some research, but Atlantic is going to ensure this record is available worldwide. Do not fear.

Anonymous said...

its on the main 200!

JamesWyl said...

Thanks for the info, Job!

Job said...

no problem. :)

Bleah Briann said...

Thats great and all, but I think it can be alot more popular don't you =D