Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Switchfoot hiding physical copies of "Mess of Me!"


- We're hiding copies of our new single, "Mess of Me" worldwide. The rules: If you get the song, pass it on- one at a time.


UPDATE: Here's a clue...

- OK, just hid the first one. Every year the Bro Am stage at moonlight is right near a palm tree, the cd is there- jon

- let us know when you hide a copy or when you find one, hope you enjoy the tune! I'll be hiding more soon... jon

UPDATE: The first single has been found!

- "So since I have the single, am I to burn a copy and hide it in my area?!"-Chaz526 Sure man! hide a copy, and have fun with it- jf

- another physical copy of our new single "mess of me" @ the corner of Dena & Van Buren in San Angelo, Tejas.- thanks, Chaz526

ALSO, we've been asked to take down the radio rip of "Mess of Me" for a few days in order to make this game even more entertaining! Happy to oblige!

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