Monday, September 7, 2009

Jon Foreman and Switchfoot: Videos from RevGen and RMU

Switchfoot has been out on tour once more, playing a few more festivals and stand-alone dates. This past Saturday, Jon Foreman played a set earlier in the day at Revelation Generation in Frenchtown, New Jersey before the evening set with Switchfoot.

Here are a couple of videos from Jon's set:

"Your Love Is Strong"

Also, "In My Arms"


Later, Switchfoot's good friends in Relient K played their set, but had a guest vocalist for their song "Deathbed"

^Jon Foreman was everywhere on this night!


Then, Jon joined Switchfoot to play their show later that night. Here is "Stars" from that set:



The next day, Sunday, Switchfoot played a show at the Robert Morris University, in Pittsburgh.

Here's "The Sound," complete with intense Jon vocalizations at the start.

There was also some sweet Cymbal Bashing action going on:

Also, "This Is Home"

To see more from this show, see here:


LOBH also reports that some 20-odd fans got to listen to "Hello Hurricane" after the show. Nice! Some notes and highlights from the LOBH fans' perspective of the evening:

- Jon brought out a burned disk put it in a guys' car and played it in its entirety.

- Jon Foreman's favorite song on the new album is "Always"

- "Also heard from Jon that the collector's edition will have another disc full of extras including sessions, alternate versions and even answering machine messages. Pretty tight!"

- From Jeanna: "If I may shed a little more light on that... the guys recorded multiple versions of a lot of the songs... harder, softer, different versions. Look for those on the B-sides album!"

^Sounds tight! I just can't wait to hear this thing!


Our friends at LOBH have posted yet another of their exclusive interviews, this time with Switchfoot's Tour Manager, Ike Shaible. Here is an excerpt:

Nothing like a Switchfoot concert, eh? The excitement, the crowd, the music, the songs, the feeling of unity... it's quite the experience! It's also an experience that could become absolute chaos if it wasn't for tour managers. Tour managers are often the "unsung heros" of bands, people who stay behind the scenes, making sure everything happens like it's supposed to, and everything (and one) gets where they're supposed to be. We like to recognize the people behind-the-scenes, who help make Switchfoot such a success, so I contacted Ike Schaible, Switchfoot's tour manager, to see if he'd like to do an interview with the site. He was willing, so read on to hear road stories, details on Ike's job and what he really thinks about Jon's Yamaha!
A special thanks to the fans who submitted questions for this interview! It was difficult to choose the best ones, and I appreciate all of you taking the time to send them in.

LOBH: First, for those who may not know, what all do you do with your job as tour manager? What are your responsibilities?

IKE SCHAIBLE: This one will be a long answer, but let me try my best to get everything right. First responsibility is to make sure that the band/crew stays healthy, happy, and safe on the road. I also take care of all travel [arrangements] - from booking a tour bus, to flights, hotels... everything that we might need for the tour. If the guys need anything on the road, I'm the first person they ask. I work directly with the record company, band maganmenet, promotors, and venue staff.

LOBH: Wow, so you really have a full plate. How did you get the job with Switchfoot? What's it like working with the guys?

IKE: When Switchfoot changed to Red Light Management, I was working for RLM with DMB and Robert Randolph and the Family Band. [But I was] looking for change.

Read the rest here

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