Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FootColumn: Hype or Reality?

There has been such a stir in the music world lately over one band...anyone care to guess who that band could be or why there such a stir? Well its Switchfoot of course and the cause: Mess of Me.

Switchfoot has used some of the most creative tactics to get their song out there, giving it alot of media attention. People everywhere know about the song and the band. But how long will this last? In my opinion...this is alot more then just "hype" as stated by sceptics (even though I must say sceptics still love the song so I think their basis of opinion is flawed in the first place).

I think this is something that will last, something that will last for a very long time. Never before has such an album been released by Switchfoot, its a feel that's never been displayed by them before and will surely never be forgotten. Many will appreciate this and many well have something negative to say, but its our job as Switchfoot fans to support them for what they do.

Now, anyone who knows anything about Switchfoot has got to realise that despite the difference in music style, the lyrics are classic. Almost every song I have ever heard come out from this band has been about redemption or the fulfillment of your destiny, making the most of your time here on earth as does MOM. I personally find that uplifting, and enlightening. But you can't please everyone. So even though this song, this album, has definitely broken records, and reached some of the highest standers ever placed on a song, there are still going to be people saying bad stuff about it. But just know that we as fans have already achieved greatness in spreading this thing world wide, and I believe that this is more then hype, this is something that people will remember. And I'm sure that Jon Foreman and then whole crew are proud of you all! So keep spreading the word, and supporting this band. They deserve it.


David said...

I fully agree with you Bleah ! And also a very good footcolumn as always from you, Job & TJ. Actually the other day I showed the song to my best friend's sister (Elizabeth) and at first I didnt think she would like it (I thought she might think its too heavy) but...I thought ill give it a try, so i told her, "Hey Lizzie, you wanna listen to this brand new song ?" and she said 'sure'.

And (to my SURPRISE) after only 5 seconds of the song had passed, she was like "Wow, I love this, who's it by, whats it called ?" and of course I told her, and she was amazed and she loved the song after she finished listneing to it. And she even said "I'm gonna show it to all my friends", even when i never said anything about it!!!

So, just goes to show how amazing Switchfoot can be and they always have suprises in store. Anyway I just thought I'd share that with you, since for me it was totally unexpected!


Bleah Briann said...

Wow thanks. That's a cool story, I don't see how any can't just fall in love with Switchfoot. They're amazing!