Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BREAKING: "Mess Of Me" by Switchfoot, new single from new album "Hello Hurricane", out November 10

UPDATE: Switchfoot's Youtube Manager Corey Vidal just messaged me, and said that this is our GOAL to make damage happen with this video:

"2,000 comments. 500 ratings. 25,000 views."

^Let's make it happen!

Switchfoot JUST tweeted about the brand new tour footage music video they put together for "Mess of Me," and it is one of the most epic things I've witnessed in awhile.

- wanna hear the studio version of 'mess of me'? new video featuring tour footage and the new song! please RT! http://bit.ly/1ErbIg #messofme

HERE it is.

Subsequent tweets surrounding:

- Thanks for being a part of the hunt for #messofme around the world! Send us pictures/maps of where it's been...

- For those of you who still haven't heard #messofme, here's your chance: http://is.gd/32RYs sing it out! jon

^I suppose that officially ends the #messofme treasure hunt? Boy, wasn't it fun? What we're going to need you to do now though is to help spread this single further, this time broadcasting it to as many of your friends, family, and co-workers as possible.

The ways we can do this are:

1. Watching it - This will ensure that the view count goes up. Feel free to view it as many times as possible. BUT PLEASE avoid scripts that auto-refresh the page. It may be caught by Youtube.

2. Commenting on it - The more discussion we can have for this video, the more people will chime in. The more people chime in, the higher up the charts this video will go. I know we all love to talk, so here we go!

3. Rating it - Ratings ARE UBER IMPORTANT on Youtube. We are only given one rating per day, but make sure you do take the time to give the video five stars in order to get it up the Ratings charts on Youtube as well.

4. Emailing it, posting it on Twitter, sharing it on Facebook, embedding it on your blog or website - This is where you can get creative. Put the video ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE it can be seen. If nothing else, it floods your friends' news spaces and twitter feeds with Switchfoot and "Mess of Me." Best case scenario being that new fans will be had for the band.

THANKS for all the help! Stay tuned tomorrow for the writing debut of our newest writer, Bleah! (aka Blonde4Christ) :)

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