Thursday, September 10, 2009

BREAKING; "Mess of Me" has made it! VIRAL

UPDATE (4:19 PM):

Here are our NEW GOALS for this video, to be had by the end of tomorrow:

Ratings: 2000
Faves: 2000
Comments: 7500
Views 100000

Read below to find out how to help!


Yes, friends, I've just spoken with Corey Vidal, and Switchfoot's "Mess of Me" video has entered Youtube's rotation of 100 Most Popular Videos. This, my friends, is no small feat. We have done some good work here!

HOWEVER, our work certainly isn't done. The goal now is to keep this video on THERE, solely for the purpose of bringing in the non-Switchfoot fans.

Pretty much every Switchfoot fan and their grandmothers and dogs and cats have seen "Mess of Me" already. It's now time to bring this song to the rest of the world!

So, here's what's happened. So, Corey tells me that its been seen on the FRONT page of YOUTUBE! Here's what we need to do now.


Keep on refreshing the Youtube home page, until it shows up under "Videos Being Watched Now" section. When you find it, make sure you click from there. Youtube registers that it was clicked from the home page. This will then help to boost its rankings!

So, here's the link:

Make sure you click into the video from here, to help in boosting "Mess of Me"'s Popularity. The "feature=popular" tag at the end is what denotes to Youtube that this video was clicked from their home page. This is one way of doing it.

BUT, we definitely want you to find the video FROM THE HOME PAGE, and click on it. This will be a more powerful indication to Youtube than simply going to the link.

Now, people who have no idea who Switchfoot is will be able to stumble upon it. That is our goal. Those are the people we WANT.


Keep rating, commenting, and sharing the video. The more we talk about and spread it, the more popular it becomes, the more new viewers we get!

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Jo said...

Hey! That's so great, I'll definitely support it! Yeah, this new album is finally the gateway to getting my friends to like Switchfoot! My friends mostly liked classic rock songs, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, etc.m but I showed him Mess of Me and he said he digged it! coool :D